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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hmmmmmmm where's the time going

A random picture of the little one's curls...With straight hair myself I LOVE her curls

I looked at my last few posts and realised I haven't posted anything productive in a while! Surprised?? I'm not!!! Life seems to have gotten away from me, Christmas is creeping ever close, and soon the envitable day is going to come when I have to put up the Christmas Tree.

No! I'm not a grinch, I do love Christmas, but:
Christmas Tree + 18mth + glass decorations (yes I didn't think that one through) = disaster!

I made my first tutu for a friend of a friend...she loved it and her little girl wasn't happy when it was passed on!

The kids do need an advent calendar too, so that needs to be made, and I've promised a few skirts for a friend...and then 3rd birthday party for a little girl (more tutus)

On the Chook front. They are laying and laying well! But one of them kept getting out and destroying the vege garden. We tried everything to keep her in, and she could still jump a 1.5 metre fence! So we've rehomed her. The Man About the House is happy seeing as he only wanted two in the first place! (He seems to think if I'd only go two we never would have got the trouble making 'Black Hen') So she is now the boss of someone elses hen house!


  1. I am with you girl....I haven't been posting much myself!! I figured out last year to put the nice, expensive glass ornaments at the TOP of the tree and put the wooden and felt ones at the bottom!! I still had to re-decorate every night, but none were broken!! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for popping along and leaving a comment on my double blog giveaway. have a lovely evening.

    I Just Love That Fabric

  3. hi again, great to meet someone else from the Gold Coast, great place, and beautiful beaches. Im an import too from Hampshire UK.

    Susie x


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