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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Garden Update

Well the garden has been in a few weeks now, and its doing amazingly well. A few things are still getting a bit much sun (had to move the capsicum, and the lettuces don't like it so much) but all in all they are doing well.

The carrot and leak seedlings have all come up. And we have quite a few sunflowers, although we are still in discussions about where to transplant the sunflowers too.

Some of the lettuce is ready to pick and the tomato plants are doing really well!

James is of course taking all the credit!

Few more nappies

(forgot to put the BBB in for the pic..its pink $7)

BBH Medium PUL cover $7

Kids in cloth fitted $10
Very Baby simply night, large $10

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday James

Yesterday was James' Birthday. Blake helped me ice the cake (well eat the cake while I was trying to ice it) and put the candles on...

And then helped James blow out the candles!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Craft Fest

Boo and I went to the craft fest today...more for quilters really but we had fun looking around.

I found this lovely HUngry Caterpillar fabric...and made an apron inspired by it (didn't win the competition I made it for, but had fun doing it)...

Was nice to get out of the house and have a wander anyway.

More nappies...

Pic 3
Kids in cloth Fitted, excellent condition $10
Cute Tushie Bamboo Delight, excellent condition $10

Pic 4
3 Tots Bots PUL wraps, size 3 (never used, DS refused nappies after I got them)
$8 each or 3 for $21

Pics Still to come

BBB Pink $7 (excellent condition)

Kids in Cloth Fitted $10 (excellent condition)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nappies for Sale

Pic 1
Home made (not by me) fitteds...all really absorbant and a great fit.
1. and 3. Purple and green all have a layin booster (think bamboo velour inner) $6 EACH
2, 4, and 5 Blue ones (there are 3, all look the same) 2 with layin boosters, 1 with snap in and is super absorbant)$6 EACH
All in excellent condition and by far my fave fitted nappy.

$6 each or $25 for the lot...or $30 for the lot if I find the 3rd green and purple one.

Pic 2

1. Very Baby Fitted M/L - Eyeore Print $5
2. Whizkids fitted, musical notes, side snap $5
3. Peapod FTGH (must go with something else)
4. Itti Fitted, Large, elastic gone on one side but still works well, $4

All prices are PLUS postage

Sleep? What's that?

After Blake having no day sleeps for the last couple of weeks (except the odd time I managed to get him to crash on the couch watching TV)...I've finally found the trick to getting Blake to sleep!

The last 2 days we have been on HUGE walks..and he's gone down without much fuss! Woohoo! Good for me,might acutally lose some weight, and Blake, who SO needs a day sleep...

Ella on the other hand...has decided mum doesn't need a rest...and if Blake is going to be asleep she wont be! So her mother isn't impressed, especially seeing as we (Boo and I) were up from 11-2 last night for who knows what reason.

Man this parenting thing is tiring? Can I have a day off please???

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome to the world BABY KYDEN

Before I forget....

Just wanted to welcome Kyden to the world...congratulations Amy and Simon...we can't wait to meet him!!

I'm Blogging again

After my failed attempt at blogging when Blake was a bub (mainly due to forgetting the web addy and password) I thought I had better give it another go in an effort to keep the rellies up to date with my monsters happenings...

So here we go...

Blake has decided he's a big boy now and doesn't wear nappies, even to bed! He's not doing to bad either, dry 2/3 nights and very rarely has a wee accident! His speech is coming along well, and he has started a new day care which I think helps. He's still a bit of a terror, and is going through a stage of no day sleeps...but we'll get back to those evenutally! LOL'

He is acutally having a day sleep today after his mean mum made him walk almost 2km back from the library...can you spot him???

He is getting really independent...and as his father keeps reminding me..has my personality and is easily frustrated.

Boo is 10 months on Friday...wow that has gone fast. She crawls at a millon miles an hour and has just started letting go and standing unaidied for a few seconds (until she realises what she is doing and promptly sits down).

She is crusiy and has a dogged determination..and doesn't give up...although is quick to cry if you take something off her.
She is still feeding ALOT at night, so has a very tired mummy..but we'll get there. She has finalyl decided she will eat food...although not consitently..but given the size of her thats no worry.


I have finally started sewing...made a bib for Boo...need to make more of them, and some cool PJ pants for Blake (which he loves!) Think I might have the bug, I really enjoyed doing them.