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Friday, July 31, 2009

My latest toy

Well ok it's not new and I've had it a while (got it on ebay as part of my 2nd hand overlocker purchase-also 2nd hand), but it's wonderful to sew with and I think I'm in love already. It's been sitting in the cupboard as, honestly, I've been scared it
a. might not work, or
b. it would be awful to use.

Anyway I was (ok still am) having issues trying to shir a top and my husband suggested trying my not so 'new' machine...and you know what....even though I still haven't worked out how to shir (tomorrows mission when I find a really cheap piece of fabric to keep trying on) it is beautiful to sew with!

Now to sell my new (yes got it before Christmas), sewing machine seeing as at the moment anything we don't need is being sold...so anyone want to by a sewing machine. Pfaff Smart 100s, 8mths old...make me an offer!


  1. Hey Tam, My machine is much the same as yours. A MyStyle 20.Mine would be about 12yo, never been serviced(tut tut)and I love it too. So easy to use.

  2. Hi Tam thanks for the recommendation, and leaving a comment on my blog. Im on the Gold Coast too, wonderful isnt it. We went to Burleigh beach today and i just laid in the sun whilst the kids played, heaven.

    Catch you soon
    Susie at
    I Just Love That Fabric

  3. I am trying to conquer shirring myself! It is fun once you get the hang of it...and don't forget about the blast of steam from the iron when you are done, it evens out the rows so nicely!! xo
    oh, I had to go to my old machine for shirring to, it did not like it on my computerized model!


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