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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sleep? What's that?

After Blake having no day sleeps for the last couple of weeks (except the odd time I managed to get him to crash on the couch watching TV)...I've finally found the trick to getting Blake to sleep!

The last 2 days we have been on HUGE walks..and he's gone down without much fuss! Woohoo! Good for me,might acutally lose some weight, and Blake, who SO needs a day sleep...

Ella on the other hand...has decided mum doesn't need a rest...and if Blake is going to be asleep she wont be! So her mother isn't impressed, especially seeing as we (Boo and I) were up from 11-2 last night for who knows what reason.

Man this parenting thing is tiring? Can I have a day off please???

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