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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nappies for Sale

Pic 1
Home made (not by me) fitteds...all really absorbant and a great fit.
1. and 3. Purple and green all have a layin booster (think bamboo velour inner) $6 EACH
2, 4, and 5 Blue ones (there are 3, all look the same) 2 with layin boosters, 1 with snap in and is super absorbant)$6 EACH
All in excellent condition and by far my fave fitted nappy.

$6 each or $25 for the lot...or $30 for the lot if I find the 3rd green and purple one.

Pic 2

1. Very Baby Fitted M/L - Eyeore Print $5
2. Whizkids fitted, musical notes, side snap $5
3. Peapod FTGH (must go with something else)
4. Itti Fitted, Large, elastic gone on one side but still works well, $4

All prices are PLUS postage

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