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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Blogging again

After my failed attempt at blogging when Blake was a bub (mainly due to forgetting the web addy and password) I thought I had better give it another go in an effort to keep the rellies up to date with my monsters happenings...

So here we go...

Blake has decided he's a big boy now and doesn't wear nappies, even to bed! He's not doing to bad either, dry 2/3 nights and very rarely has a wee accident! His speech is coming along well, and he has started a new day care which I think helps. He's still a bit of a terror, and is going through a stage of no day sleeps...but we'll get back to those evenutally! LOL'

He is acutally having a day sleep today after his mean mum made him walk almost 2km back from the library...can you spot him???

He is getting really independent...and as his father keeps reminding me..has my personality and is easily frustrated.

Boo is 10 months on Friday...wow that has gone fast. She crawls at a millon miles an hour and has just started letting go and standing unaidied for a few seconds (until she realises what she is doing and promptly sits down).

She is crusiy and has a dogged determination..and doesn't give up...although is quick to cry if you take something off her.
She is still feeding ALOT at night, so has a very tired mummy..but we'll get there. She has finalyl decided she will eat food...although not consitently..but given the size of her thats no worry.


I have finally started sewing...made a bib for Boo...need to make more of them, and some cool PJ pants for Blake (which he loves!) Think I might have the bug, I really enjoyed doing them.

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