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Friday, September 18, 2009

I know I've been MIA..but I've been busy...

Wrap Skirt from Make it Perfect
I've been Dying! These were boring white sheets

And some tie dye for dolls nappies, and training pants for Ella

and a Portobello Pixie dress for my niece (Boo is trying it out for size)


  1. WOW!!! SO BUSY!! Everything looks great!! I love the colors and pattern on the wrap skirt! And the sheets...so cute! How was the Portobello Pixie dress? An easy sew? I've been thinking of getting a pattern! Your fabric combinations are FABULOUS!!

  2. Lovely! Love the Portebello dress!

  3. sigh so wish I could sew (well once upon a time I could, but no room for a sewing machine in the apartment)
    LOVE The wrap skirt Tam, it's awesome!
    you taking orders for these too??
    oh and hope you're looking after my dog!

  4. I can't sell from that pattern hon. If I come up with one of my own I'll let you know


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