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Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Hen, Josh and Pepe, ah its "The Good Life"

We really need a place in the country...but are going to have to make do for now (sorry I can't get the pictures in order)

The house/run was made from 'found' timber that the previous owner left in the ceiling (gee thanks, but at least it saved us money). So the only costs were netting, nails and staples ($30) and the chooks.

The helpers assisting with making the house.
The number of hens is a bit of a sore point! James wanted 2 and Blake and I came home with three. The running joke now is its not only the 3 year old in this house who can't count properly. But i figured if I get 3 they might (fingers crossed) lay enough for me to sell a dozen every week or two and pay for their feed.

They are just discovering their free range area, but seem to prefer to hid in the house in the middle of the day. Tank has discovered that the chooks are actually a food source (not the chooks themselves, but I've caught him in the pen eating all their food).

So now we wait for them to start laying...

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  1. Wow! That is a nicely made house! Very impressive!! My dad has chickens, with more Roosters than he needs, really...but those are the ones that are "given" to him! I think I will be copying and paste-ing your picture to send to him. Maybe it will inspire him to make a proper home for his chooks!! :D


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