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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sew Mama Sew Pajama Party

This came along at the perfect time! The kids needed new PJs for summer...so I've joined in and sewn stretch for the first time!

I'll add pics as I make them, I have one pair planned for Boo and a few for Blake.

The car fabric for these I found at an op shop/thrift store. They probably cost less than $4 to make! Still getting the hang of stretch sewing!


  1. Awww where have Blakes chubby cheeks gone???

    Oh and luurrve the diamond :P

  2. SO CUTE!!! And of COURSE I am envious right now!!! Must NOT let the month go by before sewing PJs!!!! :)

  3. Well done! You are such a busy girl! Love your skirt and the tie dye too. :)


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