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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 11 - a day late

That's me (if you hadn't guessed!) And Blake
One pillow case made for a friend (My first sale!!)

I told Boo to go get some clothes to get dressed this morning,
and she got her brothers clothes out.

Thumb in the mouth...again...she was tired,
she's been keeping me awake teething

Black Hen, having a dust bath before the rain started...
still no eggs, 2 weeks down...how many to go?

Just a few random pics as I forgot yesterday. Well ok, I didn't but it was raining (on and off all day! Yay for the rain), Bathhurst was on (GO HOLDEN) and the kids were a bit grumpy, I had a headache I couldn't shake...so it was a do nothing kinda day.


  1. I love a do nothing kind of day, but not a head ache! We are having a do nothing - clean the house and wash the clothes day today. Thanks for your comment about Cohen's room. It has been fun putting his room together. Maybe one day I will get to have a go at doing a girls room too! :)

    PS. Love your chickens. Hope they lay soon. I read that most hens start laying between 4-6 months of age and their first eggs are small and they don't lay when they are molting. Fascinating little things aren't they?

  2. PPS. How cute is this for a girls room - http://ishandchi.blogspot.com/2009/09/more-of-helenas-home.html

  3. Yay for sales!! Better watch it, "word of mouth" is a powerful tool! Before you know it, you will be BUSY BUSY!! :D

  4. By the look of your hen she should not be that far of from laying. It did take four weeks for one odf ours to lay her first egg.


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