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Monday, October 5, 2009

Blogtoberfest2009 - Day 5, a bit late

but some Jelly fun to celebrate.
Add something probably not so good to the kids, and hey presto, jelly.

Add something else and it turns back to water (have no idea what was in it, but the kids loved it)
I'm participating in Blogtoberfest(just starting a bit late) in the hope of getting my blogging mojo back!


  1. what is this pink stuff - looks awesome!

  2. It's called Gellibarf (or something like that)

  3. So much FUN!! Looks like they had a time!! :)

  4. this gellibarf - did u make it?

  5. Hi 'Anonymous' lol its http://www.toyday.co.uk/shop/bath-toys/gelli-bath/prod_3631.html this stuff.

  6. ok, so you brought it from the uk not home made?

  7. HI
    Didn't make it no, the kids got given it, but was purchased here on the gold coast (Australia, don't know where you are?) I couldn't find an Australian link.


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