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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lush Giveaway

It actually inspires me to quilt~


Go have a look it's open to Australia residents too


  1. Just popped over - and spotted a whole big box of mischief for me! Thanks for the top tip...

  2. Hi Tam,
    You are a non-reply commenter, so I can't email you so I will answer here. I go op-shopping all over the place! There are a few good ones in Nerang, Southport and Upper Coomera. I have only lived on the Coast a couple of years, so I looked in the Yellow Pages and did some exploring. When I am visiting my family and friends there are a few I go to in Ipswich, Beenleigh and Toowoomba. I tend to go to the ones down the road from me about once a fortnight and have a look. I think you are more likely to find cool things if you go regularly as the good stuff goes fast! Some of them have craft sections and some don't. Some of them are expensive too! I just love finding things I was looking for and finding other things I didn't know I was looking for. :)


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