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Monday, June 1, 2009


Ella's Humpty Dumpty Cake (Humpty had an accident before the party!)
Sand pit fun at the party
Abby the Tiger and Bek the face painter
The pirate (he just didn't want his photo taken)
Butterfly girl
Blake's Pirate cake

The 1st and 3rd birthday party is now done and dusted. And while fun was had by all, we have decided parties will be happening every 2nd year from now on. It was busy, chaotic and loud, but all the kids played really well and had a great time

We had a pin the head on a Robot game, Treasure hunt, and face painting (thanks for that Bek)

The house is back to normality (we had planned on having it at the park but the weather had other plans.

And....Nani and Koro are on their way (am about to go get them!) Koro has improved enough to make the flight...YAY!!!


  1. Quick - a cup of tea and a little lie down is prescribed. After vowing the second birthday party would be the 21st I softened a little and settled on once every two years as well. The other Mum's think I'm the evil-est ever (but secretly know I'm on to a good wicket!).

  2. Oh so not evil! every year is way too much effort (not to mention too many presents for the kids)

    Will work out well here too, every 2nd year makes the next party 3 and 5!!


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