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Friday, June 19, 2009

So...where did I get to?

Movie World for some 1 on 1 time with Mum and Dad on Blake's birthday

So it's been a while. Mum and Dad made it, a few days late, with Dad pretty much incapacitated they entire time. The kids loved having them here, and they were a great help. They took Blake to Byron for a few days and spent a HEAP of time at the beach.

James and I took Blake to Movie World for his birthday, and left Ella with Mum and Dad. He had a ball, and really enjoyed some Mum and Dad time without little sister around.

Blowing out birthday candles Blake's Robot, made by me.

Cute pic, a bit rude though! They were sharing lunch.
Nana Dixon (Dad's mum) died while Mum and Dad was here, so that was sad and Dad had to go back and organise everything on his return. She was buried today, on Spice's (my little sister) birthday.
Jame's grandfather is here at the moment. We are at the end of our visitors for the year. It's nice to have him, but truth be told after months of visitors we are looking forward to having our house to ourselves!
Blake has finally been assessed for his speech and turns out it is really bad/delayed and NOT related to his glue ear/ear infections (which is a surprise for us). So we are in speech therapy weekly till at least he starts school. With a bit of effort hopefully it's not going to effort his reading or anything too much.

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