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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A perfect hide out where your sister can't play with your toys.
Nudey Rudey in the sunshine.
Her favourite bike.
(It's her brothers but luckily he's progressed to a bigger bike)

Hanging in the park

Catching up with friends (Gaby and Boo)

What happens when you wake up at 5am and wont
go back to sleep? You fall asleep at lunch!

Not a busy week here, but I am exhausted. Think the lack of sleep is catching up with me. I've been crashing when the kids go to sleep almost everyday. The house looks like a hurricane went through and I don't remember the last time Icleaned the bathrooms (yuck!)
Ella has a few new words "tickly" being one of them.
Blake has become an expert personal trainer. We went for a walk down by the beach, Ella in pram, Blake on his bike. He made me RUN! and do all the exercises down there! Will have to go back me thinks.
Not sure the weightloss is going to be any good this week. I've walked but not as far as last week.
On the up side! I am getting my KID FREE time this week. Sewing class on Thursday. Finally work out how to do that shirring elastic. It's a beginners class and the tutor thinks it might be a bit slow for me, but it's the only evening class around. I probably need a few pointers on technique anyway. Now where did I leave my rotarty cutter...?
Our rugby made son is getting more and more into it by the day. He go to stay up late on Friday and watch a game with his dad. I was watching something in the other room but was in fits listening to James try and explain things like a disallowed try to a 3 year old.
NExt year we'll take them to a live game.

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