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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well...HELLO SUMMER, you're a bit early aren't you?

Blake taking his teddies on a 'Plane Trip'. He had to fill the cargo hold!
Well Ok, It's early Monday morning, but I wont tell if you wont! I had intended to do this post last night, but you know how it goes. Summer has arrived in full force here on the Gold Coast, 31 degrees yesterday (well it didn't seem that hot, but if the weather man says, then it must be so). And it's not even Spring. I think its going to be a hot dry one!

Boo is finally better, a really nasty viral infection with scray high temps. She's still snotty, but I think that's teeth. We are back try (who I am I kidding) I am back trying to night wean
again. I'd only just done it for the 2nd time and she got sick. She's a stubborn wee thing, and I thought we'd got there again, but NO last night she yelled at me for almost 3 hours on and off before I gave up and fed her!

James has a job again, nothing permanent but a few weeks work. Meant he worked all day Saturday so not much happened this weekend. We had planned another excursion, but James is leaving for work at 5am and getting home at 5pm (not that we complain work is work in this current financial climate) so he just wanted a chill day.

The dogs got washed (first time in a VERY long time), trees moved, seeds planted, kids spent the day in the paddling pool. I even have sunburnt legs. I went scouting for some fruit trees with no luck, but hope to find some this week and plant them. It was a lovely one day weekend.

How proud can you be of your little man. It appears (much to our pleasure) that we have a little rugby follower in the household! Titans and the All Blacks here! (Both won on the weekendd too!) BLake decided to wear his Titans' Top as pants....he's bit strange at times! LOL...he thought it was the biggest joke.

My little girl is growing up. She's a real character, and really comes into her own on the days her big brother is at daycare...Although she misses him when he's gone, she does enjoy not having to share. She found the potty and wanted a go. No luck, but she enjoys sitting on it. This photo is a bit scary as it makes her look ALOT older than she actually is. But I can't believe she's almost 16 months already.

I also finally turned her car seat around this week. I was getting a bit sick of heaving a 11 kg monster into a rear facing car seat. It's a bit naughty I know, she could still be rear facing for another kg, and it is safer but you know how it is. The things you learn though...we turned Blake around at 6 mths/9 kgs as that was the limit on the seat we had for him. I am SO thankful we never had a crash with him foward facing being that young. Now I know better and we had a better seat for Boo that allowed her to stay rear facing for SO much longer.

Anyway she loves it, and Blake isgetting used to it. He cant see her as easily so I think he prefere her facing the opposite way to him.

I have finally admitted defeat with my overlocker...and am going to book in for a 'learn to use your overlocker' class. It's driving me mad and I have a ton of stuff I need to do and I need the over locker for...so can't wait for that. I am also going to go do a sewing class, as I have found one that is on a Thursday evening. Yay for a bit of kid free time.

I have been wanting a nappy out of this minky floral material for a long time, and got my hands on some fabric a while back (only a nappy cut, so am trying to stretch it), but am not really in a nappy making mode. So a friend (thanks Linda) suggested a skirt. I created the pattern, and am quite happy with the result, it does have a few issues, but they aren't too noticable when its on. Of course it would have been better with an overlocker (all the raw edges are zig-zagged)
And my hat goes off to all those nappy makers who sew with Minky...man its a pain to sew with.

Well that's all for now. I'll be back tomorrow with my weight update!


  1. Hi Tam,

    Sounds very busy in your house! Glad to hear your little one is feeling better. It's so hard when they are sick and teething.

    I have seen fruit trees at the nursery at Oxenford near the Ox Tavern. But if you want to go on a plant excursion there are so many wonderful nurseries up the mountain. We go to Mt Tamborine to get a lot of our plants and brought our gorgeous peach tree there.

    The Farmers Market we go to is in Nerang, Lavelle Street - Sundays 6-12. If you get there around 11 the produce is even cheaper as they mark it down because they don't want to have to lug it all home again!

    Good luck with your over locker course. I have to get my mum to help me just to rethread mine! They are fantastic, but sewing machines are just so much easier!

    :) Christina

  2. The skirt is GORGEOUS! Great Job!! Glad to hear she is feeling better...and I understand about the weaning....AND the "growing up"!! She is so beautiful! OOOOH a class sounds divine, I wish I would want to leave the house to take one!! You will be a "pro" in no time! :)


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