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Monday, April 27, 2009

The visitors and stuff

Boo 'fixing' Blake's bike...think she is following in her brothers footsteps.

As always, the time around the kids birthdays sees an influx of visitors in this house (and that's not a bad thing, we love the company here). So it's started already. My sister has just been over for a week...wasn't that great...she cooked, looked after the kids and did the dishes! Cheers Spice. Blake adored having her here.

The current visitors are Nan and Nan Pat (James mum and nana). They've come for a bit of R&R, but I'm not sure they'll get it. I have heaps of knitting planned for them (insert evil chuckle) and you can never relax around Blake!

The knitting circle! Me trying to knit...James thinks its a sure sign I am old!

We went to SeaWorld on Sunday, finally got our Q150 Passes, and Blake had a ball! He loves sharks at the moment so was in heaven...although he did try and punch them all "I get them dad!"

The bathroom reno is almost finished. Thanks to a very late night on Friday it is usable. Just needs the taps/spout put on the bath and some plaster and paint. It looks good!

The new vanity...few issues with it but got it sorted in the end.

The frameless glass shower! Uber-cool

And the garden...it's doing great (well have had a few issues with some things)...lots of tomatos coming up, have just put in the next lot of lettuce and have planted a ton of tomato and lettuce seeds. I hope to make some tomato sauce this year...and even got some rhubarb seeds planted! Yummo!
My potatos, and the mint to go with them! My first attempt at potatos! Fingers crossed

A shot of one of the gardens

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