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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some knitted goodies

Ella has been a bit spoilt...firstly my Nana (her great nana) knitted her a beautiful lightweight jumper and matching soaker (which I still need to lanolise), and then I asked James' Mum, to knit Ella a Tikki dress with some wool I had got to make one. I still have to take a photo of nana's knitting. She wont be wearing the dress till she's walking, which wont be too far off, she can take 2 steps!

I have been busy sewing, and have made the kids some cute cushions for the play room. (They are now sharing a room, which isn't going too badly). 3 zips later and I am a bit over zips though, but they turned out well. Blake loves them.

Ella standing

And we made me a sewing space on the weekend. So I can have my machine set up all the time and not on the dining room table (which James hated). Its great, nice view of our garden and great light.

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