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Friday, May 29, 2009

And a post just for Linda

who doesn't like BlogSpam! LOL

I was completley Kid Free today for about 6 hours! Crock (BIL) and his partner Bridget took the kids to Sea World today. I was a bit worried how Boo would go, she has either been with J or me pretty much her entire life, and the longest I have been away from her is about 5 hours.

Anyway, true to form, neither of my kids missed me and they both had a ball. Blake wore them out of course. He had a great time, he loves sea world (might need to get season passes). They weren't hangin out to see me when they got home

We had a melt down at bed time, but he'd had a big day.

So thanks for that guys. Its very rare I get any time that is totally kid free. I slept for a couple of hours. Much needed sleep as Boo has been teething, and Blake has been getting up early. Didn't really do anythign else productive, the book work will wait!


  1. Nothing productive? Come on don't sell yourself short... there was the one about the 'vintage' buttons and the one about the clock. It takes time and energy to hunt these things down!

    There should be a word for blogspam. Blam perhaps? Spog maybe?

  2. ooooohhhhh so now I have to wait and see if you 'approve' my comment huh?! LMAO and here I was thinking of all sordid things to write.

  3. Course I'm going to approve it! LOL...makes me look like someone actually reads my blog


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