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Friday, May 15, 2009

So, where were we?

Well not much in the way of pics, the USB cable for the camera died.

Ella has started walking, well she still prefers to crawl but took about 15 steps the other night! Not even one, she is growing up too fast.

Been a hell week, Blake getting up at 5am and refusing to go back to sleep. Hopefully it's just a stage/phase. So we have all been struggling on on not that much sleep.

Blake made a 'bed' in his sand pit. Yes he is still wearing 1/2 his PJs!!

And below...one for the 21st. I put a dress on Boo and Blake said "I want wear dress like Boo". SO off we went to Boo's cupboard and found one that fitted him! His dad wasn't impressed, although he did say it suited him

And we had a lovely little get together today with Nadine and Noelle from a forum I'm on, Noelle's friend Kat and J's cousin Amy. Jimmy (Noelle's son) Tyler (Kat's son) and Ella are all about the same age and had a great time playing together. The pic is on my camera,so will get it off one day. Thanks for visiting guys I had a wonderful time/.

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