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Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh Doom and disaster, what abscence of mind, they just didn't notice they'd left him behind.

Anyone a Hairy Maclary fan (that's a quote from Schnitzel von Krumm Forget-Me-Not, by Lynley Dodd)

Anyway there is a point, I love that quote...and my parents were due to fly out of Auckland today to be here in time for the kid's party tomorrow. It would have been the first ever party they have made it too.

But dad has done himself an injury. He thought he'd still make it though. :-) They flew up to Auckland, determined to catch the flight to Gold Coast, but he had to get off the plane in a wheel chair.

At the moment they are waiting for their bags then they are off to the hospital. No way they will make the flight today, and will miss the party and it's going to be at least a couple of days before they can get here now.

I'm a bit down about it, Blake is a bit upset. He told me he had hurt his leg too and couldn't go to his party either.

Oh well, life happens doesnt it? Least they will (fingers crossed) be here for Blake's acutal birthday on the 6th of June.

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